Twirling Hair Smiling Until It Hurts

Exactly what do you want from me

I’m not going to speak first let’s see some equality

I’m a mental lover so dressing up way up not necessary

Just be yourself don’t worry about feeling ordinary

Your eyes will expose your potential I’ll check the files as customary

Look it shines off you the mind’s climate activities compare the

Day to night and back forth do you write sing or draw things bright right

If we take a walk is it waste can I be possibly who you taste

Getting in shape but yeah we’ll still sneak in a shake more reason to flex together naked on break

Exactly what do you want to see

My eyes light up when we meet every time we greet like the first time

Another experience leading to adding life tiles that’s wild

Yesterday you were a stranger then I blinked my eyes and melted

Don’t ask why I keep looking at you like that but how is this a fact if you don’t interact

We’re too old for that I can’t take rejection shit yes I know it hurts but if successful out of the pits

Smiling until your face hurts now that’s how I like to insert my manifestation

But without any communication no such thing as a broadcast from the station

Static  while your eager listener is waiting

I already have things for my side of things

Mountain rides with cameras built in microphones

Creating art in nature eating lunch together smoking until we gone

Make an album in two weeks show our friends and laugh saying we’ll show em

No certain order so don’t think I’m a copy of sloppy knock boots rock bottoms I’m out creeps

We’ll discuss everything no hidden agenda from me

Can you say the same if not do me a favor and talk to me never later

Still how we are going to see past the physical attraction if words between us aren’t with adequate traction?

Inside the bedroom with the lights on

Music playing and you know how I love my fan on too

Looking at the ceiling on top of the covers like we brand new

Exactly what is the mission for this evening is anyone receiving or giving I’m nervous my face starts itching

Next thing you know report cards of who is advanced superstar gifted if our security gates to our passion lifted


Out of all of the promises lies excuses and reasons to give up throughout the seasons we could remain

If we don’t play heart games

Inside the bedroom with the lights on.


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