Free To Roam But Don’t Belong For Long

Dropped off but I used the environment
Always changing goals avoid the tyrants
Especially with the pretty lights and sirens
Firing on anyone close to the findings
Shoot a man get rich cash bounty for us the middle class silver lining
I’m in prisons inside of prisons mind or physical if both meet time ends
The environment

Your cage looks so much better!
So you’re not subject to the letter!
I’m the usual suspect
My patterns subject to investigation wherever I step

Now go write that down and pretend just your appearance is cause for being murdered you wouldn’t take a seat without wondering who the next person to disappoint or try to use you as a step stool
Irrelevant your feelings if you’re sensitive but if I start breaking bones yo homie stay cool don’t be mule
Similar to high school I took a month long bye bye school
Yes it happens to all people but the fucked up part is that those closest too us consider fucking our lives an art masterpiece worthy of sequels
Just the facts instead of who has invested the most into the last fad intelligent minds remain in or without checkers faded out pants with some holes in them
What are we really doing here swinging additionally consistently missing
I took a look around and saw three choices
Don’t give a damn do nothing and just wait for death
Burn the world up until nothing is left in death they’ll piss with justification wherever I rest
Or be mentally armed friendly never dangerous unless you violate then mercy may or may not be demonstrated
Death scenes have been activated but aborted to face the battlefield regardless if my body makes it
Scan your hard drive again be properly rated
We have a lot of files update already late so take your time just do it in a faster place and ignore
Any other things you were working on this is immediately needed tonight
Smoother operation
Proper memory usage shit

What do anything if you don’t know why it should be done
At least an outline people damn
A guess
A logically guess if this was your last day
Don’t just do things to do them maybe
Just do something different
This is how you change something
Don’t repeat looking for a difference
Something is very wrong with that

Your cage looks so much better!
So you’re not subject to the letter!
I’m the usual suspect
My patterns subject to investigation wherever I step

So many things we can talk about once you’ve seen the reach of greed
You’ll cry until eyes bleed dehydrated to death crying even for mercy for enemies
Not from your enemies
Difference there note it please
But I have to make sure I make no sudden movements round the city
Don’t like me living surviving around Suzie and Timmy
Or around Cassandra or Brodus Brandon with the gold tooth any connection a possible mystery
To be solved when they bored you donate you score no money face on the floor
Dropped off in a place people mad slapping themselves in the face
Blaming someone else who wasn’t aware ignorance escaped on the loose
Lives ended because someone stepped on twenty five dollar boots
Can we have a remix or a reboot?


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