Thinking and I

Her intelligence off charts
Call me tell me when to put in work yeah start
To operate on the level in sync with your heart
I’ll tear this entire world apart
Make December start and never stop
You call my name I’ll appear
Instantly slay any hurt pain and or fears
You’ll find a deeper level in here
I don’t play games with people always straightforward and equal
Until I see deception then I’m ghost death the reverend
Connections have to sever them to set boundaries no more need for medicine
Higher than the heaven preached
Never could stay on a fucking leash
So I mourn then put bad people to sleep
Mentally you disappeared I don’t care if you disappear in rearview mirrors
My life now manageable and so much clearer
Thinking and I fuck, and I go deeper
I’m grinding out XP
Slow but your level won’t pass mine you’re too blind
Unable to cut the labels given to us all
Takes a person with a strong will to keep fighting after they fall
Crowd taunts teases kicks in the balls
Or in the clitoris shit getting ridiculous
Then you open your eyes and see what they can’t see

This is just a body


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