Whispered To The Prosecution

Do I need to preach to you, preach it to you
Fuck I don’t care about it through with it, through with it
Burning bridges faster than they can stop me smile copied
Old and new formats hard drive versus floppy I think they’re getting sloppy
All the way from shitty public housing to behind the scenes Matrix meanings surroundings
Interested in what I say even enemies search my page to stay updated but I don’t submit everything
Trusting people is scary thing fickle words and pulled lines and hamstrings
Only my dog watch my back, literally my dog no slang straight facts
Silently I plan forward and pretend to lay back until the proper time
Randy Orton on all em of rip down the only sun they care about it
Cold now decapitate with an uppercut
I guess shortly the underdogs will have all the luck
Allow me to hold the flag in to war
Don’t worry I burn my hate slow so I have more
I haven’t even used my sword yet all of this a warm up
Imagine the final moments when you’ve been stuck
Running over ignorance again and again with eighteen wheels
Again and again my tears peel skin this end you’ve wanted I present it on ice
A couple of more moments and there will be no escape trapped tight
What will you do when you should adapt?


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