Eat Rocks, Chew Rocks, Swallow, And Die Slow

I block out your smiles
Make your plants die after breaking ground
Just because you asked me how
How I could I hope to touch you
Attention I go either way I choose to stay for the people
But if the people rather have madness
Inside I have plenty share my darkest sadness
All it takes one person to spread the sickness
Future generations tainted after they witness
Me blocking out your smiles cause I’m black
Always hating me because I’m rare and black
Fuck even black folks around hate me because I’m black
Grinding my teeth trying not to be the enemy they never dreamed
On the other side I could make my whole city scream
Take the whole fucking place GPS like the what the hell it disappeared
Never ever tempt the man next to you he never is what he appears
Legacy of love
Don’t choose unaware
I’ll having you eating rocks swallowing them looking water
Skin melting off your face can’t stand to look at your daughter
Which one you want from me
Slavery isn’t option in death we’ll be free
No ropes can handle the aftershocks no tree
Which one you want from me
Get out of the way I’m busy trying to save our families
Fuck all your labels they aren’t important plot twist
And if you hate my skin color it’s irrelevant
The poor isn’t dragging down the country it’s the rich
The more you know the more dangerous and the FBI follows

Eat, chew, swallow, they hope people like us die slow today and tomorrow.

When I follow the rules doesn’t matter I’m guilty, I’m black
When I don’t follow the rules I’m guilty, I’m black
Speaking about peace I’m too soft
Talking about unity makes me renamed some guy Uncle Tom
Tell me boss how should I perform
Am I’m black enough yet, am I getting warm
Tell me what to do so I can be original
Read that again and scratch your head at the temple
I block your smiles because I expose the double standards and mindset holds
Even your savior got murdered when he said behold you fit into bad molds
People prefer to:

Die slow
Why question anything when we’ll tell you what to think yo
What’s that tone in your ear
Are we coming through to you clear?????????????????????????????????????????????????


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