Eat Rocks And Chew

Didn’t think I would feel about you like hate
It’s not strong enough to be hate but I can’t wait
To erase you completely from me
Even if you find me to rub your absence in my face I’ll laugh
Believe me I don’t need or want you anymore
Yet I wouldn’t mind seeing your deepest fear fuck your ears
Can’t hear anything but regrets and why
My face serious and I
Have no mercy left I’m sorry

*I shouldn’t walk away but I don’t care if you make it out*
*This is what I was talking about*
*You say didn’t tell me because I am glass*

Missiles come in all the time I absorb the energy
You are like asking my enemy for a cold glass of water in Hell
All smiles and teeth with laughter I’m after not before or in
Guess I have to show you unbelievers a sign again
Just know when I’m done you get none for unbelief
Yeah I was the answer but now I change the test completely
Instead of multiple choice essay bitches or ninety percent of grades lost
See how it feels when you’ve neglected the property covered in erosion and tossed
Yeah I’m sensitive but I have boundaries
You longer get to discover the hidden parts of me

My eyes found you and I didn’t feel the same
Looked at them like I wish never read your possible greatness
You’ll mess it up or maybe not who CARES
I won’t be there

I won’t be there

I just won’t

Before you take this for begging I’m glad I’ll never see you again fuck you eat rocks.


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