Glitter Filled Letter Glued

She thought I would write again
Asking her to be in
Dreams of dreaming about her
Cut cords like past due
Woke up brand new yo a new sight
Beautiful clouds in the day
Shiny smiles when night plays
Felt hit but shook off that shit properly
More in store and better down the road for me

Cut them off Cut them off
Don’t get soft take the loss
And write another story
These ones are boring

The sky still looks amazing every time
We just want to feel safe underneath
I got mad and wrote fuck you birch but didn’t mean it I didn’t know how to say goodbye
Made her angry so I wouldn’t cry when she left
And she left
I was left
With regret flying right to left

Imagine her face when she read it
Instantly regretted it
So foolishly tied to emotion

Here she thought I was writing another I love you poem
Just to find a hurtful letter written to scar her thinking
Damn who did I become trying to be more than I was?


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