Bound For The Better

Light me up in the sky read until you see before you know maybe some day we can meet and save the days one by one tomorrow sorrow may come but together it fears our rumblings. Currently we’re stumbling.

Build something said impossible people connected eyes open free of the distractions counter arguments about sexual satisfaction or how poor are invisible but still the run planet every poor person quit tomorrow, turmoil damage.

Are you here to help or add to the misery watching your children believe in the American fantasy banning me playing disguised to avoid the referees testing me if I twitch empty clips fundraising for my murderer and death threats to my family calamity anybody past 101 ideas and fears at least get some fresh air.

Trying to get ahead before a fucking bullet hit is impossible but a quick dodge of a single shot possible if certain conditions met might escape getting wet and revenge consumers go over credit limits in one trip to county work behind a cell visits is it cool to spend money on the court system business?

Fall in line or be  prepared to see the worst in people nothing evil like a parent beating the shit out of people dependant on them nowhere to go rest assured your crimes not covered if I’ve walked by you heard you it’s under sunk no destination empty map tap when ready I’m ready to rock steady hook up whenever I speak lately with people in different functions just conversation about deep things up levels ma’am.

Of course you connect the property of poverty work ninety or two hours same pay wait what insult the lies in presidential debates and these are the people running the United States grind dreams blame deflection the population busy looking for Satan when standing up for rational thought blasphemous demon steering I want the best schools for my children so do I but mother fucking money gots top superior top billing.

Discover, what
You, think of
When you think
You think
Maybe a chance to be something greater than current situations
Signing out for the old youth of the nation.


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