Put To Sleep Last Night

How do you think of me at night
In your bed waiting for closed eyes
Just feeling so tired of the quiet
Room could use some moans
I get that message
Hey do you want to come over tonight
No promises except I’ll hold you tight
I’m there fast
Nice pajamas with hearts and a bow
Here I come dressed up
Girl when your done laughing at me let’s lay down
We just want to hear how it all sounds
Arms around and nothing else matters tonight

Riding through cities laughing hard
So much has changed since you asked me to say
Your name with what I’ve been holding back
It’s an honor to be around you
And when I have no place to go
You make room for me
So loving and sweet
Oh the looks on your face when you make me happy

What do you think about me at night
Tell me to let my guard down as yours already is
Knowing I’ll never hurt you just want to give love
Just want to give you all I have

You make me feel desired
I want to make you feel the same
Private pictures for you
So when I’m away you know I won’t be for long
Whispering over the phone what you want to do to me
When I kissed you I erupted
Your hands all over me
It’s was a long time ago
Since I’ve felt satisfied

Weeks and weeks
But under your sheets
We made everything else less important
Only I touch you like this
Lick enter lick and kiss
What do you think about me at night
When I’m not there to put you to sleep.


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