No Appearance Today

Put your hand out and see who cuts it deep
Asking for mercy while everyone sleeps
Finding yourself on the street nowhere to go
Friend list looking like a comedy drama show
Slipping out when it just feels right to leave
Deleting profiles they never knew me, at all
Changes made no more feeling like a cavity
If money was available you wouldn’t find me, for a while
Burning down bridges never ever stable
No one travels on them anymore
There until pressure begins to reach surface points
Too much for basic talking folks.

Honey I’m not upset or waiting to die
Just know most people shouldn’t know that I’m alive
Everyone friendly soak up your bright lights
When you need to recharge no plug in sight, life
Played games until the object changed
Walking past everyone but in another place
I don’t think about people anymore my heart doesn’t race
Gotta remember almost the entirety temporary
Take your emotion overspill to be buried
When you blast off then people want to come along
Bond never strong
Lying like we belong deception on.

Building an underground safe place
Secrets stirring can’t expose my face
Tasting invention don’t have time to chase
Any human unable to make a case, to look past
All these games and fickle people only give shame

Standing up to being broke just to get beaten
Looking for an answer it costs just to see them
All I have is my mind to escape the maze
Send a message out no response for a few days
Every opportunity to be a villain or a hero
Never give your identity away to those with empathy at zero
They’ll try
To take your things and make you seem strange
Therefore baby don’t look I’m headed another way
By the time you find out my name erased
Become the man you didn’t even try to see
I’m building a castle for everyone just like me
Day after day one visitor or maybe two
Sooner or later filled so we will explore land brand new, to expand peace
One day all of the excuses ceased.

Looking at the world without time
People devouring the sunshine
Waiting for night to come
To see who they can kill without having to run
Their love is defined in trick candles
Anyone just want to be sincere and strong enough to handle, fears
Root seekers have my ear
Always have to find out what makes things work
So if there’s a problem correct tools used instead of being a jerk
When they say just who does he think he is
I have to defend myself like I’m man who is trying to live, you’re no help
Don’t ask me why I keep the best discoveries to myself.

And you give yourself away
Give yourself away
U2 said it and you sometimes you can’t go alone
Or just shouldn’t
Other times you should drive and don’t let anyone know you’re gone

Should have paid attention
Too expensive so they just go off of what they think
Oh now you know me without even sitting down
You know the old me and that’s good enough oh really, how
Oh you know me now when did we speak last
Oh you remember me do you think I was frozen same as the past
Oh you know me now so I don’t have anything new to show you
Oh you have me figured out so there’s no point in me even showing up tonight.

2013-08-12 11.47.26


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