I See But Shall We Go Underneath The Hood

Let’s go away from everyone
Let’s go deeper than the majority
You know I’m an open world
Together we are an open universe
Laughing at critics like haha they’ll never get it
Pissed when they see us smiling
Trying to figure out our chemical mixture
Our eyes just reveal a taste
Both of us never fit in around this place
Let’s travel

I saw your body and was like it looks tasty
Still my hunger didn’t change the point
Asked you about your thoughts you thought it strange
Most people ask about head and running trains
Exclaim how one night physically will make you sane or insane
There I was asking about what happens after the body breaks
How would we communicate and if you believe in a pearly gate
Sad that wanting minds is unusual
Would have be ordinary to say let’s screw

Anyway let’s get these tickets
Appear somewhere our speech is strange
People saying oh you can’t be from around here
We have no home within physical places
We stay inside our minds and come out for important appointments
No shame apply ointments
If you can’t be yourself with me don’t even bother
Already had talks for hours
On the same book same page same lines empowered
When you rock back and forth on me
I go to a place where only your eyes can see

I see your body and it sure looks tasty but what about your mind
I see you looking sexy and it is amazing but can you read and do you like weed
I see you have curves where I like to lick but can you hold a conversation
I noticed your sex appeal but can we discuss what we think is false and real in life?


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