Be Ready For Anything Out

She climbed the charts to be number one
Not a long list but a very regulated one
Even thought for a split second the last one
Who was the closest to me lately zero plus one
One day I even cried until two am and thirty one
One wall broken down in my mind after another one
Looked around for an intelligent mind and only found one
Thought to myself this is similar to a chance million to one
Had beauty love peace in her eyes all at once I checked one to one

Who did write about with months labeled two
Who made me start another version this one version two
Making me believe things I never thought could be true three minus one two
Always checking for messages check one billion microphone check one check two
To place in my mind I’ve never been through once no need to mention two
Have you anyone this confusing look I’ve got two
Double minded now just operating with updated cores two
For human minds that’s a true breakthrough not exclusive in a year two

Three nights in the corner and now ready version three
It’s been efficient in exciting me for four
Five coming soon knocking on your door fingers five

Okay enough bullshit how you are doing tonight?

I’m floating along the thought skies looking down with concern
They say you burn out and go crazy or just burn
The city wrapped up in unseen messages
How are we supposed to sleep with all of the lies blaring
Turn your televisions down
Be respectful
So yeah I’m experimenting with thinking in places not many lights are blinking
Progress or sometimes we end up sinking and rethinking
Don’t hate my very strange thought process it doesn’t bite
Information galore and statics shared with patterns it’s every where
Even songs created out of thin air a feeling prompt
We can go wherever we want one day through your speakers I’m going to take you
Up to the spot with a bench under trees
And speak with you on deeper things stimulating growth mentally feel chemicals
Naturally release and release

Doses people want me to come over
I am more than to them than just another listener
We make magic happen when it was too dark
Instantly lighting the grid far past where we live
Every where we go something about us can’t even shop in the store
People reveal the past when they speak and act with precision I know
Not a master but getting better with observing
We give raw data insights no statistic curving
I’m a one of many don’t be giving sacrifices I’m a man fuck up plenty
Humility should be kept at all times don’t make my head floors
Power than pours through unsecured doors
End up being the enemy tracks written for
Just want to give you a chance to escape the current path
Then afterwards party favors we laugh


When we look around
The faces found in pain and tired
Close to the edge uninspired
All they have are rejections to think about
Down and out
Worthless to everyone because they don’t perform what is expected
In line
On time
Never shine

We all have that place inside
To take our private things and hide
It hurts us in different ways
Such a big weight
Falling between the cracks
But being rejected by the line doesn’t mean it’s over
Said you were weird now your songs played through controllers
Words in a book
Such a worth page

Just when you were about to quit
One more fist and the night split
Everything around a little bit different now
Regardless of whether your body goes down
The mind isn’t done
When you get up the air better run
This time it’s about how to overcome

How many deaths
How many tears
Within until we understand what matters
Inside ourselves
Inside ourselves
How many left
Until we get
Something isn’t working and I need to change
Try our every hour
Until I’ve just done and can’t further
Something isn’t working and I know I need to change
Don’t need anyone to be saved
Wouldn’t mind support but if not alone I can make it too
How many more meltdowns until
How many more nights hitting the walls until
How many more exploding and then saying you are sorry
Try something else or change address
Can’t live like this
Just change


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