Walking Past Your Laughter

Walking past you
It’s the right thing to do
Hopes belong with someone who can share them
You are not the one I should love
Caught up in chains weighing me down
Thinking of us
When you don’t have the time
To love me
I’m not going to ask you to arrive
I don’t want you here anymore
Walking past
All of my best belongs
Belongs to the person willing to be like me
Seeing things regular people can’t detect 
We just don’t have the same love
No need to lie I’m not waiting for sunrise
Light gone from your eyes I’m not dreaming of you any longer
This place isn’t for your lack of understanding
What was I thinking building for you
You don’t even know what another hand feels like touching your face to be one
I need someone who does know of love and you are not qualified
I retract my tears from the hours of thinking of us
A joke to you
Serious to me and I will have to excuse myself
Get up from the table and walk away

Never swim with me
Too much water and you don’t care too stuck
When I want freedom to love you come and murder my hopes
Out of rope
Someone else
Someone else will see behind my doubts
Reroute together without the red tape
First choice and not a maybe

Walking past
To be more than possible
You just convinced me to quit giving you anymore affection
Bail out
Parachute to safety
Because I’m going to move forward and you shouldn’t come

I need eyes like mine
Holding tight for tomorrow
Loving today in our own world
Longing for more than what we see
You can’t be her so I can’t continue to be
A love where love is just me waiting to be accepted into arms
Time to move on

No tears from my heart
I know you are not in my sight
So much for your smile and eyes
Last night I would have navigated the dark ocean to see you
You don’t even know what love might do
Great surface talk
Deeper into mind and heart I want so I walk
Another door closed
I’ll visit but can no longer stay
Don’t reach out I’m too far away aren’t you glad I’m gone

Glad I no longer think of you as a masterpiece
Aren’t you happy I’ve decided you don’t have any future in me
No lasting influence to come
Go ahead and get the hell away go run
To someone else
The part of us I treasured dead
I can’t believe the ignorance in what you’ve said
But yet I do
Inexperienced or just damn delirious
To never understand until the feelings wash away rules
When it happens see my image
Removed twice

Moving past you to get to someone who knows
Just how important this is
You laughed and thought my want was a game
I’m ashamed I let you in
Mocking my affection
Ignorance and cruelty did us in

Immaturity did us in
Maybe lack of experience but in the end
My love belongs to someone who can see together we win
Won’t laugh when I desire them
Won’t spit in my face
Understand how I desire a better place

The joke was on me
The joke was at my expense
Laughter when I sent my heart out
It’s funny isn’t it
When I cared more about you I became a punchline
Probably tell your friends I’m comedy gold
Shit double platinum
You got me


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