Another Garbage Back To Go

She calls me over privately total discretion
We both know what we need head affection and weed
Heads bang freestyle sessions recorded then delete
While the other person I was hoping for throws question marks
Blunts and thoughts of what life is worth occur fast blur
I wonder if my heart is under the covers with her
No need to wait for some perfect time I always reign on her mind
There’s no hiding and sneaking while I’ll at home sleeping
She dries every tear with her fingers and tastes them
Saying now we are a part of each other no compromise
If I slip down and bust my lips
Ointment ready without any shit
Popular views so distorted we both cough and I snorted
As her witty comebacks have suicidal plans thwarted
Ask me if I want more time with her yeah I want more of it
If only I could stop dreaming
Labia glistening it’s kissing and sucking season
No one else wants to see me face to face
Secret plans lies to drive to her place
If I’m upset she’s on the case
Her devotion including sincere emotion
If this was a role play game she’s the mana potion
Fuck with me she’ll cause a commotion
Mastermind growing like me so potent
My motion action is to process my surroundings
People lie to me rates considerably astounding
Close to cut me why should I remain good you want a killer
All of a sudden in my dreams appear a
Alternative ending with me destroying lives no bending
With a shitty smile on my face Mr. Sheen this is winning
No mercy oh you want to talk now too late here’s your ending
I would drink the blood of my enemies
Right in before the last breath
Know that in my path you meet death
Tired of obedience so now you have it
I’m the darkest of the darkest dark bastards
Tell the whole neighborhood it fucked up I’m coming
Don’t cry in front of me running I get horny
Inflicting the same pain I was branded with homey
Grounded skin cells for my reward in a spliff
I didn’t want to do it but now I have your focus
Change is too late cash rules everything around me note this
How does it feel when money can’t start your heart reality
As fire consumes my flesh and I drink acid coming out see
Remorse isn’t possible now I’m so past it
I just wanted to love and was rejected
Now your greatest fears projected
Confusion injected swirl it around when you’re naked digest it
Sure your faked it but you came on my dick
The worse people are hidden inside trying to just die quick
Push them far enough and see how hard they try to flick
Causing endless fears and sleepless nights laughter now that’s rich
I walk like a zombie only basic requirements
My eyes hold love and hate I’m dying bitch
So what’s it going to be for the finale
Peaceful strides or murderers at the rally
I told you I had you in the best of mind
You did whatever anyway now you’re gone and so am I
Different states different plates the same wait
How could a normal man relocate to importance
Chance after chance aborted wasted moments
I write like you read this miss whatever
Hope you find a shard of glass treats you better
As I end my run I don’t even care about the future
Watch your backs trust in people will uproot ya
Software corrupted no safe mode to reboot to
Bullshit you give me is mutual I knew you weren’t suitable
Looted every damn drop of my hopes I should really fucking sue you
I’ll see you in court with a hidden weapon under my shirt
Pretend I’m a normal man and your sexuality is church
Testifying doing cartwheels out of order
When you come close to me I’ll black out and cum during said slaughter
Throw your blood at the audience and your daughter
Oh how vicious and drastic
The world always told me I’ll never have shit
So should I start taking lives
Since I’m not allowed to have mine wait go back and rewind
To the time
I was innocent and just wanted to be loved now I dull that pain with prescription drugs
Would have preferred a hug
Now I’m in love with sharing slugs
Would tell you more but my phone is already bugged
Guess I’ll just see you in person
Damn these words my brain stays hurting to release
Until the moment I choose to be deceased
Blowing everything and everyone up rest in pieces
See what slavery passed down does to the mind feces
Jason Voorhees

I struggle to juggle my life inside this bubble no one huddles no team
So whenever I score there is no crowd scream no slow motion scenes
Rollins Band calls it the obscene and I call it lack of green
You know what I mean when things are missing tears thick stream
So today I make love to a beauty
Sincere touching of her face what a cutie
Her face promises interaction of more than satisfaction
Every time my life taxing
I relax in her vagina battery charged to the max when
I enter and I pull out corrected plus centered friend
Almost ready to marry her as my life fills with barriers
Carrier of the most beautiful midnight with insight just right turns on intellectually lights
I produce precum at the flight of anticipation only journey I need
While my self inflicted scars bleed she receives me to clean them
Always touching me complete freedom the lead in
To embrace an early death now there’s nothing left
Tupac true shit shedding so many tears suffering through so many years
Siren fuck me to sleep you’re the best of my peers.


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