Peer Review Ratings

Just sit down and stare quietly as the world burns
Let your crying be ignored
While people chop themselves to bits
Is this reality today
You can’t stop it they don’t want peace
Just excuses to end with everyone deceased

Loving humans is hard.

Watch a scene of a woman trying to survive
One day she lets her shields down and falls in love
He says whatever it takes to enter her warmth
As soon as he does he’s gone without a word
Confused and broken she stumbles through weeks
Wondering if she wasn’t good or smart enough
While the man earns high fives
She chooses to die
Why oh why is this everyday

Loving humans can hurt.

They expect salvation above and I laugh
Fickle humans why trust them at all
They’ll say whatever it takes to learn the program
Then change their minds

What can I do but go off of what you say and do
More importantly what you don’t say or do

Loving my fellow humans is hard.
Too hard.


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