Bad System Request

I sleep
Away my waste
My mistakes

Even though she tells me I’m great
I think she made a mistake
Can’t be me
Just can’t be me

I don’t want to waste time but I’m tired
Of fighting to stay here unhappy
Just a nap or five will help me fake it through whatever is left
Sleeping away suicidal attacks on bad years

At night I don’t sleep well
Trying to figure out if I’m in hell
No not a noun not a place dear
All kept inside points to head here

So many things I don’t understand
Running out of time to figure out where I am
Body failing me now
Is it too late

What is most scary
Reality or a nightmare
Writing down anything to help the next one
Maybe they’ll go further
Won’t commit self murder

Maybe I should leave
Bills piling up
Love a sad joke in my ears
Every hand but one slipped yes
I’m waiting to hear the familiar speech
Sorry but I have to let you go

What a fitting end to my mistakes
Rejected every single possible way
With my luck I’d probably be wrong still
Meet some being screaming I never knew you fatalities repeated flawless execution squeals

Pile on the shit
I can take it it’s all I know
Some of us are mistakes maybe
Before we try we’ve already lost

I sleep
Time away
Just too tired right now to move
I know I shouldn’t be so disconnected
But being disconnected is all I have ever known


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