When We Sat In The Rain

I’ll be waiting
Until the moment you finally know I’m thinking
All the time about you no one else
You are the best thing about my life
I never expected this opportunity to be
My hopes never worked out until now
Years of thinking I would be forgotten let down
Conquered by your caring words

Closer to me you want to know who I am
To be with you I’ll tell you whatever you want to know
Laying in bed with you smiling in my head
I truly listen to what you say holding it close to my heart
Hoping for your love to start

I just want to be beside you.
Dreams and hopes wrapped around how we do.
Mouth watering wanna taste every inch nude.
Wanna hear your thoughts and feelings more.
Want your hands on my body calling your name within desire.
Oh you’ll see how much love I have soon.
Wanting to leave this negativity and be with you.

I wish I could prove myself somehow
Please don’t hate me for longing for your time
I feel so full of purpose in your presence
So damn sweet to me and I haven’t been treated such in a while.
Submissiveness initiated by your smile and eyes

If you only knew how much I want to say I need you
I won’t because you may think I’m dependant
Still everything in you is what I’ve been looking for
Talking with you just makes me want more
Looking away from your eyes because I want more
One day I hope you’ll feel the same.


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