Biting A Corner Of Lips

We could be alone now
You fears would melt away
I know you’re nervous but I have something
Something you can depend on
Loving arms all yours

Loving arms all yours

We don’t care what surface dwellers see
They will judge regardless trust me
The moments we are waiting for are here
Let’s be honest always together fighting current fears

You are the only one
Here when I fall down
Helping me back up
Caring about me is tough
Still you remain

You remain

I hope you can get past your doubts
I hope you know acceptance is here
You have changed some thoughts
Maybe you will give me the chance to prove our attraction cannot be timed
Waiting for tomorrow makes no sense I love in a straight line
I want all of you right now and don’t let chances past
We’ve missed hours of being together and yes this is fast
Approaching you with my all
Someone you can depend on with loving arms

Loving arms waiting for you to take a chance to finally be loved dear
Rest your mind here

Don’t be scared to come to me
I am the shelter you seek
Please don’t hesitate in fear
Rest your mind here

I know it’s fast
Too sudden
I’m sincere
You are everything I want
You are my faithful medication
Bringing me from sedation
Everything else is second place
Are you afraid you’ll see the truth in my face if you come around
Don’t want your barriers to come down

I would like one night minimum
To show my brown eyes off
With the lights on my body is ready
My manhood steady
Let me show you how much inches appear when I think of you

It maybe for just a little while if you decide to go
Still all we need is one night and I will show while we should add more.


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