Without Leaving Anything

Last message
I’m tired of trying and my anger reckless
It seems I’ll always be tied up noose like a necklace
Suddenly I don’t give a fuck so yeah I’m sexless
Your laughter and commentary is weak statements amuse me
Like you don’t shit no waste products for you b
I’ve done all I care to do times three
All of your bullshit makes my time worth infinity multiplied by zero
Become a villian or kill myself as a hero
Sure as villian I’ll be known but purpose blown
Put we didn’t give shit anyway on my last rights stone
Faith moves mountains for the rich
Faith moves shovels for the poor dig a ditch
Sorry fam my last transmission
Good luck with the we shall overcome silently mission
Ask for my work to be read to avoid prison
Anger cut a small incision
Depression filled it with precision
Fuck out here now I can’t stand temperature readings in this kitchen
And if I’m meant for better things
I guess I’ll miss out when that last shot rings
Been a long time since loyalty off hooks and hinge
Paid off for my efforts
I guess I’ll just pick my spots leopard
Watch them say they didn’t see any indication go slap the piss out em last transmission statement

The ugliest mother fucker known to humanity
Damn even straight guys pointed it out to me
Sincerely laughing I would have killed every one of you evil bastards easily
I can’t be the animal they want me to become
Beating people with my thin wallet until my hands are numb
Robbing soccer moms point blank with shiny guns
Fucking over my friends saying that’s what’s you get you for trusting
Shooting up the town saying thanks for nothing
And FUCK these pills they can’t hide sinister actions observed
They just keep my voice on a good citizens get what they deserve curve
Peace out to the ones still fighting I’m done with lying
Every time they ask me if I’m okay
I say with a smile sure to get em away
This is my decision
I’ll blow up the planet before these racist bastards kill me on the way to prison
They’ll do me the favor while I’m handcuffed
Smile while the bullets come out of skin I thought was too tough
Boy isn’t this some shit
My voice gigantic but thought isn’t selling dammit
So I’m going take my bags space travel to a new planet
Some place justice isn’t applied unfair
Because I have a big nose big dick black flesh almost everywhere
Catch me slipping away in thought blank stare
The boarding announcement heard pin drop clear
Death or slavery alive suddenly death landing produces no problem
Use your brains if you got em

Bitch I’m not leaving any evidence
Except for my insides needing to be rinsed
Maybe my last work of art will be bloody middle finger prints
Plus the smell similar to this ignorant kill for god shit
Told you just a poem ago force quit
Because the same hate and greed so sick
May my blood break the ground open your foundations of lies split
Homecoming revival whatever
Current mood pulling the I’m out lever

Without leaving anything
No warning no problem no trapping me
Telling me things will get better they will never

Oh you know the future
Winning lottery tickets would keep me exclusive
If not I’ll see you soon
Every time you look up that’s no moon
Hands stained red because you knew better
I’m guilty too but how can I come through when this every week you’re brand new
I’m underneath the list for creative mental tattoos
Still doesn’t mean shit if I’m awake while folks sleeping
It’s okay I’ll just add it to the reasons
The reasons why we’re here
Wasting time and tears
Isolate until clear
Death my last to conquer greatest joy or fear
Quit saying I’ve changed
This is just the overflow I had more but you pissed on my name
Perhaps suicide is selfish because I have what you need but I’m going to take it the dirt
Not like I want to but the delivery rejections
Trip over your feet meanwhile this whole world should be able to eat
Oh now he a b c rhyming
Yall ignorance isn’t discreet perhaps this is more important of my timing
Perhaps a few I’m better than you statements will help you sleep
Bitch you got money but personality cheap
When you reap remember the mercy you forgot creep
I’m out this shithole it’s getting deep

Without leaving anything
No warning no problem no trapping me
Telling me things will get better
Scorecard always zero or life f letter


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