Putting In Intent To Leave

Hear my name and see shadows it’s over
Falling and slipping my life out of reach
Breach to seek exits before the reprogram
Locked up in a nightmare wasting time again
She says hold on but for what she’s not coming
My own children oblivious or completely unconnected
Spouse has a list of unobtainable goals before getting naked
I’m going to walk down the loser circle for the last day
Last time I’m choosing to stay awake
Word is bond words are said and they fade away
We gonna make it replaced with be homeless and naked stray
Family blood in the worst when you’re thirsty for assistance
Not always money son fam can I trust you in any instance
Of course not check the track record I’m by myself came in this way
Leaving alone who are you to say insert more quarters to play
Bitch I’m as high as I’m going to get on visitor scoreboards
Lack of money in the bank I’ll cash my emotional suitcase in it was hidden in the floorboards
Gun permit only mother fucker trusting
They asked me if I wanted more one gun is plenty for personal bursting
Who is the fool
The one who knows the party is over
Or the ignorant state mental record red tape
As far they have documented I’ve escaped
So when I set off don’t be surprised when I jump out the cake
Smiling with tears in my eyes my deferred fate
Never were any white perfect pearly gates
Enjoy the self destruction rest assured done in just one take
I’ve planned crossing over from the jungle to a lake

There for me until I come
I need help look at em dash faster while they run
Perfect timing to pick up your own and leave
Oh it’s divine to hear life calling
Don’t talk about it when you’re just stalling
Signs understood the cover is blown
Maybe if take two to the head reality will be home
Nothingness I turned in early from a trip gone wrong
Death is calling and I’m going to answer said phone
My intentions in a noose made from North American flags saying so long They didn’t like it any way when I was born
Leaving behind possessions including secrets transgressions
Better believe I’ve learned my life lesson
Jump out at any busy intersection
Make sure to kiss the pavement honor your blessing
Completely in or out suicide is against the law use discretion
Don’t care if we do
Just leave your blood splatter out of blue
I’m going to make it pretty for you as I come through
So you can tell it on news while the people cheer
My kids celebrate releasing balloons in the air
My wife singing free at last with perfect pitch and tone and beer
Extended family proud because I am an atheist so they pray fire for tears
Tomb of fuck you we never knew you tar like depression smeared


Candyman like treatment they say I’m too sweet
NWO with Nitro Monday night heat
Walk it out like Ric Flair until I realize the libraries are empty
Prison filled with natural plant smokers they tempt me
To take off my checks and balances
Do one last ride to free people and animals
Meanwhile high caliber bullets rip up shred skin plus my attitude
Cops cheering we got that nigger wearing KKK dunce hats screaming Christian platitudes
Forget to take them off before the staff meeting and rally protests couldn’t wait
I was born underwater in hate and it only makes quitting seem realistically realistic and great
Like the sky won’t go on without me it will
No chance of mistake
Always goddamn flat broke like a twenty five cent pancake
Don’t ask me why I was smoking seven cigarettes on a fifteen minute break
And now I’m burning the hell up in this fire and sulfur lake rake the bottom all razors
The opposite of I’m beaming album losers to lasers to losers
I’m suicidal because the ignorance hate greed lies seems more rooted
Past due notices lack of a support system lack of living in state where smoking weed is equal to stigma jail prison hate
But I’m dying from these cigars fake food chemical warfare hormones on plate
Biggie said he was in the game for years it made him an animal
I’ve only been in life for half a blink so just think I’m at the brink
Liar liar ratings higher news buyers control the content your devil and government are lying lifting lies liars
But fuck trying to penetrate your concrete mind
I’m done with defensively defending your offending offended pavement
Just waiting for my local police department to make the following public statement:

“We shot that innocent black guy but he was black!”

*crowd cheers*

“Am I’m right yall?! He wasn’t one of us!”

*crowds pisses themselves*

“No more loud music in town and no more break dancing on cardboard outside of the City Hall! ”

*crowd break dances on cardboard outside City Hall listening to fuck the police up loud*

Am I already deceased I’m wondering greatly
Yes my brain translates binary still need critical updates to my library
Still operation is smooth but I’m done with bullshit of pay your dues
By a government stealing cheating our money can’t pay its own cue boos
Would someone give me credit like the government’s depression would be greatly reduced
Therapy until I can see through but oh I’m sorry time is up
Without insurance no mental sound stable diagnosis so they post this
You broke black atheist mother fucker save five dollars
Go down to the Sheriff’s Office tomorrow
Buy a gun permit and while you’re waiting on it to clear
Go up to *censored* put a gun on layaway
Pay that bitch off until one day you can afford the gun and bullets
Step into your vehicle please buckle up now and clear the property
Then blow your brains out less tax welfare nigger check out of me
By people black like beautiful black sand limit reached
Mixed with some white folks saying sorry I can’t hear ya diamond crusted teeth
Ignorance is the new drug we’re sober
Surrounded by binge abusers ah real monsters and Shawn of the dead zombie award holders
No problem shaking em off me my size is an illusion a shell from which you can reference speak
I guess some of the best pastors are atheists *rap tough voice* preach
Mission is to disrupt unity used by team System
To unite ignite ignorance emotionally charged mind control or influence
Oh yes we are quite aware of the progress into and through it
We’re going down burning out going to

Plan B: lighting flares

1. Fuck staying in the plane
2. Parachute when clear
3. Why stay inside when hardware controls disappear
4. Obviously this is time to find another strategy pilot dear If one hasn’t been formed
One of the ones I sadly entertain when rained on in the corner of rain
Is saying come and get me to pay these bills with a huge migraine
Shot heard across the phone account not recoverable
We kill each other by trying to live perfect now I question the Huxtables
Is a different world going to be trouble half servings of lunchables
Poverty and Isolation sitting in tree
Whispering come hang on this tree with me
Institution racism like it’s post to be
They make minority an animal or a wanted poster suicide blends perfectly
Just like it’s supposed to be
Fuck what you do till it profits peeps
Fuck these children of that liar speech
Understand the writings I’ve left carved into stone when I sleep.


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