Wild Berry

Many hours past I stare outside glass until I break it
This world is more hidden from eyes and complicated
Thirty five years wondering but this isn’t wilderness
It’s brains and thoughts mixed with chances risks getting caught
Exposing lies told since birth behold the natural disasters
One being lies monitored above by men white collar crimes
The real terrorists telling us lies scaring us
My poverty keeps me low key as I peel back deceptive practices
I’m not smarter just unsatisfied with the bullshit they offer
Known since day one something was monitoring me
Not a god unpopular to current programming
Sometimes the best humans are buried in questions potent enough to cause hesitation
Where can one soul start exposing false alarms
I’m glad I’m fucking ugly and not much to look at bank account opposite of blessed
My words irrelevant to those needing to drink power to drive
Wrapping exploration in an unattractive package allowing me to pinpoint popular savages
I might die unknown and alone however I leave scriptures for future reference discover and growth
You persecution is staged but mine writes canyons
Landmarks for the interested in regards to light bulbs
Thoughts planted so maybe you’ll question the system of the number one country placing people in prison

Many hours starting philosophy debates
Monitoring myself against myself for fallacies for acceptance
Even if crumble my questions must be solved investigation of human nature to be resolved
Unworthy to masses because I wear low price glasses and don’t have fancy papers claiming I know how to take tests
When I earn them my skin still will deflect am I really ignorant or have you missed my purpose
Label fighting is so weak I want to see and discuss roots
Call em angels body guards or peaceful spirits
None of them told me to worry about my isolation
Disassociate or claiming to be holy immortal you miss
Stay missing my brain picking up stations broadcast to a few
Who is and who are you to tell me I’m insignificant to the future
Like humanity texted to you giving you inside information
Don’t turn to the rejected asking for answers now your ship hold on preparing to drown
Pride prejudice and greed after the majority die I’m betting they’ll get just what they want to be
Somewhere they can’t sleep more or less instability given back feedback
Instead of fitting in with the records astrid besides
Unworthy to celebrate my birth country’s popularized sin
No not gay people fucking as if that is really top shelf
I mean the decisions to provide propaganda to the point being a critical thinker is an outrage
Stay in line for life be assured protection and being paid to report any signs of infection opening minds
Life kind of dulls me I’m not above anyone just my timeline for existence
Pioneer alone
Walk with no arms back pats
Lonely for physical interactions but I’m too complicated I assume they come and go
My own family members think I’m confused while they perform scripts I break breaking news

Class bores me
Surface dwelling interactions analysis wasting traction I’m old
My time is coming to a close and you know it’s not designed for black men to last
Years of being the defendant because of skin from as many black people as white
Each one saying the other side is guilty double team set aside difference to get me I empty
Empty rounds of unknown caliber just when they surround me I expose potentially potential potentials
Oh here he goes bragging as if you are not a candidate to see the same open minds are unrestrained
They make fun of you early looking like you don’t belong and you don’t
Little do they know and intelligent has many compartments and sections
Okay I look like black trash but actually I’m a very effective body bag
When you want to go deep to true areas bagging up those under water in prophet lies
Explaining how you feel shouldn’t guide the direction
Without logic walking besides for the duration
Lonely streets I walk in the mental no lights except my readiness
To travel further into the unknown

How can you even classify me based on clues
More than all complied data I run several parallel moments
Writing not because I want but because I have to
Someone else might see through and understand the prison
The mind does not run on the past necessarily


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