Always Late On Bills

I try.
To be on time.
My crime.
Is trying to get out of the traps.
Already behind when I started…
Passed down survival due to slavery built in…
So many lies brother and so many lies sister…
So many knives mother and so many thieves father…
But I am trying to stay clean, humble, just tell like I see…
One point of view out of infinity.

Green paper kills people, I’ve seen it.
The paper infects the system and newspapers are owned.
Newscasts for ratings so screw truth it’s out of luck.
When I discovered the lies told knowingly and unknowingly my mind featured a new O.S
Constantly scanning for threats
Many files were found to be compromised
Cleaning takes place everyday always keep your firewall and anti-bullshit programs tight
So many liars lying lies like leaving lyrics live loving lullaby leaves
Falling from Autumn kissed trees.

Always Late On Bills.


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