I’m changing names
Classify me strange plane
Flying above intelligence gathering gains
Going to sleep tonight and level up
Can’t repeat unnecessary actions they leave me stuck
Depression circles
Razor wire hurdles skies incorrect purple
Feeling slow to travel forward turtle
My weaknesses include tender love making and Marijuana
One day I’ll escape where I smoke legally
Until then stay clean cops ain’t getting me
But toss it all out of the house
Time to expand deleting doubts
A gentle reminder I won’t respond to a shout
Of my old name I’ve peeled off the old skin
Transformed into expandable storage event logging
Searching for the source of every single problem
Looking in the mental mirror gotta solve them

I’m changing names to skill points
Upgrading is an excellent feeling first foremost
And let time pass as old connections die off like bad grass
Some stay and some go sad
But anyone who needs me knows how to communicate intimately
Written communication
It allows me to process all implied statements
Systematically adapting and adjusting to the man i want to be
I have to evolve to breathe


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