Yellow Velvet

I wish someone like you would want me
So kind and sweet compassion filled
Every time I see you I’m better
The things I want to do with you
Every day and night finding you
Home or on the way to see me again

Smiling always
Finding our safest times in our arms intertwined
I wouldn’t mess up being with you just hear me please
Outside I’m smitten look at you
Just look at you
Inside your mind thrills me and is witty add loving
Gentle so gentle but no pushover
I want to know and work with you on everything
Still you trust me like no other
I tell you anything you want to know without question
I belong to what you do and believe in

I wish someone like you wanted me
Not just a description I created a reality
Their hands will heal my wounds
Advice and guidance arouses me
We would be working together equality harmony
Under sheets and on streets properly

I’ll say your name
If you say mine
Read with me write with me be the same
Undress in front of me don’t give into shame
You know I won’t do you wrong multiple meanings
I want to make it always wet ready gleaming
May your mouth water like mine when I see you near

I wish someone like you desired me
Hard to makes it through the days without contact
Giving in to the fact we know each other well
Even as strangers we connect plush
Even flush
Perfectly align me with your dreams
Suck on your fingers for me
Create art motivated by my smiles and actions
Allow me to fill you with my satisfaction
Someone like you for me and for love.


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