Sun So We Should Go Now

Lying to ourselves
To get away from here
No tolerance for this town
By morning we’ll be clear
Finally you and I
Touching parts going down roads
Rest stops and meals
I’ve never been so alive I promise
I haven’t been happy like this in a while.

Finally we’ll be able to change
Something about your voice wins me
As horny as I am deep thoughts to match
Aware of greater things there’s no such thing as too fast
When you can see possibilities like we do we’re safe
We know what keeps us happy so we can’t and won’t claim ignorance
You and I more than friends.

Touch everywhere
Don’t be nervous I want you here
Allow me to return the pleasure right away
I want to see want on your face within those eyes I long for it
Long to see your eyes find and lock onto mine
Hips grind

Lying to ourselves let’s head out
Call me up and say you’re all about us finally
You’ll stay with me until the end of life

Of my life
No need for rocks or metal on hands just say you will


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