Gifts Returns No Credit

We have needs and fantasies
You’ve told some of them to me
Now I think about my tongue up your legs
All the way from the bottom to the top
Yeah I think about your softer lips so sweet
You are just talk and I’m done
Nights we could be cumming you’re full of alibis
I would if I could
I’m going out
Maybe someday
I don’t talk to you the same as I feel full of shame.
Touched myself thinking about you while you didn’t even give a damn.

I would take back every stream of my best.
Every inch my penis progressed.
Thinking of you draining me.

Between your shoulders and legs are a life
Licking you tasting you is how I’d get to sleep at night
Playing in your hair rubbing your back
You don’t want any of this and it’s okay
Do me a favor and walk away
Shamed end scene for me.

It does not matter what I feel.
I wish the thoughts of you were sealed.
Cast into the ocean or sky above the sky.
Never to be seen again by my eyes and heart.

Silly me
Wanting to be with a winner
Beautiful person from the center
Good enough to look at me and pass
If I can’t have any years
Can I get consecutive months
Meals from your words and bottom
Laughing and conversations we got them
Have them too
If I can’t have any months or days illegal take nights instead
If it’s cool to give and receive head
My mouth is watering already
More lubricated than your ready entrance allow me to see.


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