THRONES of lowercase

Here I go again in my seat
Writing watching people trying to take advantage fuck em
Telling me to like all their shit
Won’t even acknowledge my presence I don’t exist
You got your current shooting star
But in a few weeks texts saying it didn’t go far
Maybe if you looked in house
Note the similarities every time yards are lost
Perhaps you should change up your plays
Sacks every down the bench walking away
I’d come and tell it to your face
But both of us know you won’t listen anyway
No I’m not your ideal champ
Doesn’t mean I can’t motivate blunt smoking acts
Watching your integrity dissappear
If it isn’t about you no fucks given so clear
I can see the greed and power creeping up
Imma sip my tea truly I don’t want to see you stuck
Hands tied you think I’m a joke
Please don’t contact me when all burns all smoke
Fuck begging for someone’s attention
Fuck promoting you and I don’t even get a mention
Building your empire you say we’re here
Found my name isn’t on any guest list or premiere
Broke over here no papers to search
You telling me we’re all going to put in work
Who the hell works without compensation
I bet you’ll give me attitude for that last statement
Obviously you you have a great plan
Fuck everyone around you hide intentions all quicksand
Telling me to stand over here
While you pull the rug watch my eyes disappear
Laughing saying it’s all I deserve
For trusting anyone especially leaving talent on the curb

Looking at me like I’m wrong
Wrong for knowing you’re playing the same fucking song
We talked about shady people doing
I woke up saw with you no improvement
I don’t know what you think about
All I know is I’m going a different route
Looking at me like I’m wrong
Wrong for choosing to disappear before the guns get drawn

I don’t tolerate immaturity and lies
Don’t tolerate bullshit your current disguise
Isn’t good enough for you to hide
Why you get angry when I ask you why
Why am I acknowledging your work but you can’t stand mine
Pretending we’re cool and more than friends bye
But when it’s showtime attitude and shady shit shown again
Maybe the streets will never say my name fuck fame
Better to walk away than holding to the shame
Underestimate me I’ll be fine
When I show up asked to kick a few lines
Women open up speech legs and blinds
Light pours in connections stack
Sooner or later scouts will interact
Sure I know you’re laughing at me jester joker jack
They did to Notorious but then it got juicy
Underdog no need for applaud don’t boost me
The world will know soon enough who’s the fighter
Burning up papers words butane inside a fire.


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