We started out oblivious until she said my name
All of a sudden everything opened and everything changed
She was scared I was just a copy of public opinion
One conversation later we were alone talking in buildings
She just happened to be white so scouting on both sides
Checking privileges and assumptions far and wide
Comparing culture connections on both sections
Secretly her inquiries led to mental and metal erections
Later she would tell me my respect caused lubrication to her essentials
Living in the south so people would always stare
But then they would smile when she nonchalantly twirled her hair
Laughs about how the world and life  far from fair
We picked up meetings arriving in Charlotte for a night
Should have seen her face when she found a suite eyes brighter than known lights
And we had no intention of sex just holding each other for safety I guess
Slept with clothes on to be safe sure bet
She never liked to talk too much about herself so always interviewed
Paid attention when I spoke about my life with various attitudes
Told her my wife loved me but made excuses refraining from being nude
She asked if I treated her harshly even crude
After a while I was bold enough to ask her if I came off like that dude
Scared she offended me face red she tried to apologize
I laughed it off it’s a legit question
Straightforward even admitting my former transgressions
Always tell the truth so no need to dodge incoming traffic at intersections

It wasn’t long before we had a plan
After class she picked me up with her mom’s red van
Seat laid back we laughed smoking two then ten grams
Then pulling over to find a spot
Friends with benefits but I can see the art
She was falling for me and I didn’t care because I was feeling the same
She slipped one day and asked if some time in the future could should have my name
I said of course without any games
More to be told but I have a black monster to drain
Maybe later I can tell you how we flew high without a plane.


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