Leaving Not Greeting Card

We are strangers now
Pretending we don’t exist
Fine with me I knew you weren’t special
All that shit you talked
Bailed when it was time to prove
I hope you receive the same

I hope you fall in love with an impossible dream.
I hope tears refuse to recede.
I hope you get excited for nothing.
Just like I did about you.
Years will pass and when it happens remember me.
You common soul.

You’re where you are for a reason
I should have left your ass alone
Confusing your smiles for understanding
Am I so fucked up I choose losers now

Here I am ready to go
You were special now I gladly let go
So clueless
Always fucking clueless
About how I feel
You don’t deserve anything from anyone
Not a hello or offers to make you cum
Fuck your mind

You weren’t ready for love
Or something close
Go away
Burn my messages to you
Forget my face
Be a common soul
Like everyone else you’re not different
Even though you claim to be
Waste is what you are to me


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