Night comes bringing winter
I’m cold and tired again
Thinking about all the choices past
Lonileness slaps me awake
Uncertainty toll paid

With chest pains and feeling.
When I’m awake I’d rather be sleeping.
Please let me lay down and disappear.
Somewhere bills can’t find me and my mind is clear.

I’m just spending time waiting to pass
Poverty drains me of my best
A constant feeling all is lost
Buying deceptive lottery tickets to call out of work.
Madness is sitting on my chest I can’t breathe
The things that make me feel better unavailable unseen
Money isn’t everything but it would help me hide
Until my skies clear

I just want to hide in bed.
Til I’m out of the red.
Mind and assets in head.
Liabilities are all I know and own and am.

Drowning in my hell alone
Screaming but no one cares or sees.


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