Intelligent Life Insurance

Under the lights of the street
My breath isn’t flowing as deep
Tired of all the scams I see
Feels like I’m ready to lay down and sleep

Another damn day getting paid
But no money is made
Or never ever stays
The American Dream is played
But it never was for me
I was meant to be burnt for those color free
And this is where I live
Where smoking plants can get a person killed
Locked up for not paying bills
Incarcerated to pay the government’s bills
Hundred dollar a piece pills
Fattening meals
Cheaper than natural ones welcome to the land of deals.

Money comes first.
Even before your life.
All you are is income until you’re not get dropped missing disappear
Enemy of the world universe shed a tear.

Why are people scared of my outside without even knowing why
I’m an atheist but don’t try
To use the label as an excuse to hate by
Because I don’t throw it in your face
Like you have to or your god removes his grace
Or her or its taste because recruitment must take place
Look past the flesh and experience
Someone past labels bringing deliverance
Casting out liars and unintelligent weeds
Cleaning up your head now you can breathe
Instruction given if you can recieve
As a teacher that goes double for me
One day after my death it will be end scene
Loss to going forward when I no longer dream.

But under the lights of the city…
I don’t have a home.
I’m popular but alone in crowds.
Struggling to shout true logic loud.
When people rather have doubts…
And pretend the answers are worse than leaving the question blank.

It’s been a while since I have believed
That this struggle will accomplish anything past what the closed minded see
Still it’s not a choice an umbrella I bring
To the corner even as I get rained upon to bring you in
If I can change some minds maybe a positive future can be born.

Under the street lights.
Inside these depressing nights.
With death smiling in my sight.
Before I die I must try to bring intelligent life again.


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