We Peak

With you every lonely moment
Minutes and hands slip by
Tell me how you feel with me deep inside
Whatever we do
We tell no one else
Secretly I belong to you
And you don’t belong to anyone thinking next
When I get tired and horny
Who’s the one calling me to cum over and sleep
My desire never defective
Never asked for a receipt
You’ll never want to take this back
But maybe receive it from the back or directly inside

Tell me how many times you’ve shook thinking about me
Never embarrassed to let me see
Pictures of you biting those lips nude
Moans recorded for me and I hide in the bathroom
Listening to you making it sticky everywhere

We have needs calling
Stop playing and call me in
You know what I’ll do
Taste your body
I want our fluids all over
Can I kiss you
Whisper I just want this for life
If not as long as I can
Enter you and become a better man

When I climax with you
I feel supercharged
All of your clothed secrets
Making me hard
I just reply with please don’t leave
Until two rounds have passed
Happy to eat between your legs don’t hold back a single sound relax

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