Rush To Interlude Start

Faster drive to get out the city and hide
Your insides are hot and so are mine
So many people to forget we’ll change
Get new names and address to build up
And it’s about time for you to admit we belong together

All we’re doing is rotting in this place
Are you waiting for a sign or signal
Perfect timing a perfectly clear window
Balloons in the sky with doves and they mingle
Denial wears you out but I say nothing
Hearing you turn then toss so hot burning
Knowing damn well you’re yearning for me

Days apart and curvy scenic roads
Something is missing you already know
The way I make you feel acceleration
Press the gas our destination is waiting
I want to see your eyes yearn for me

The roads are calling us
Freaky trees want us to pull over and lay down so they can see
The erotic way we clear our minds of yesterday

The moon is following us
What a rush

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