You were the one
Best ever that’s right
Everything I wanted
Inside and out
Whenever you spoke to me
Whenever you looked at me
Erection rise
I almost fell in love you understood it all
You saved me from drowning

You knew how things were going at home
Knew I would have left it all for your love
I bet you thought about what I would do
If you told me to come over and touch
Every single skin cell

We laughed hard
Got horny looking into eyes
Discussions no one else will have with us
Both wanting a lot of sex
Through the days I became attached
You didn’t change
I’m past it now but before it hurt me
Now I just want to make love until we’re sleepy
However I don’t think it about it as much
You were the one I would have broken my rules for
If you were older I bet you would have felt the same
We both say we wouldn’t but I think we would change our last names

I know how to take care of everything you need
But the timing is off so it’s impossible for you to see
I can’t change your mind and feelings
If you don’t want me I’ve hit the ceiling
You can be the one and one more
Irrelevant if you don’t want it

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