Garbage Post 45

I want to take you, somewhere people aren’t allowed to go
Unless I tell them so

I want to take you in my mind, a little piece
I’ll never show anyone the whole thing

See right there in the valley, with the various flowers
That’s my, peaceful end credit dream

And turn around and look down, to my
Seemingly doomed reality

The labels we use to beat the hell out of each other with
Don’t matter either way

I’ve got to make a ripple changing all things
To initiate peace in a world, seemingly damned

People agree to sacrifice, just someone else to the sky
Death looks scary they say, I’ll just wait to meet you on the other side
But as you for you, burn right now
You don’t believe what I believe
They called me crazy and urine, but who’s the one wanting nonsense to cease

I want to take you somewhere know one knows
Inside of the head of the burden of hope
It’s not killing someone else to gain something
It’s trying peace even though my death probably will be something worse

Peace is cursed…
Peace is cursed…
Because whenever we get somebody close enough…
We kill them dead and smile happy and tough…
Until we understand we didn’t understand.
Then it’s too late then was it worth the loss no one wins?

Try peace, end up deceased oh what a wicked place to be.
Murdered whenever you try to help people see.
They screaming only the feds they fear for a reason.
So I hide in my head away waiting for the right season…

When I’ll arrive.
This picture is shown only in my, my room.
I can be like the killers and heartless but I have an idea of how that goes.
In the end no mercy is given because you can’t be exposed.
So you get whatever you place.
Grow your own steps and tapes.
No one really knows.
No one really knows…


Hidden processes from the system.
Running in my head.
Watching out for detection.
Agents everywhere.
Can’t even smoke a joint.
You’ll got to jail.
It’s just a plant.
But it exposes the fake.
Hidden processes from the system
Encrypt, they’ll be looking for you if you go missing.

They said I should have killed myself but look at me darling.
Writing things you didn’t even think to think now it’s all making sense somehow.
Behind the GUI it’s all sorts of dyes to color your eyes.
Nobody knows the truth.
And when someone find outs agents come through.

Illegal searches.

Trying to take your purpose.
Or whatever label you worship.
Funnel that it’s all the same.

Don’t you wish friend that we’d stop killing over fables?
Wouldn’t you like peace while you’re alive and able?
Or do you just want to forfeit and gamble the odds.
That a being would let us fuck up another paradise.

But it’s not debate thing nope.
Because if I die tonight I’m not going to worry about our fight.


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