Jealous Sons *

I saw enemies huddle and stab each other behind
Time after time
Figured being a man of violence
Produces silence
But at what costs
Laying in bed someone you fuck with cuts your throat
Being a boss means proper human resource training
Intelligence quarterback like seeing lanes Mr. Peyton
Routes and checks
Aware of the first down marker
You won’t intercept so don’t expect turnovers you better come harder
But bragging about smoking with killers
Emotional based killers trip instead of use the middle
Running intellect and I rather run with a team of nerds than yall
No disrespect but some are nonexistent Santa Clause
Jealous sons not used to loyalty
Crave for it but on records 404 type legacies
Steady saying smoking with killers rapists
Masterminds and heavy weight takers but they are mayors
And with no snitching
Rats appear but no one tells where the entrance is hidden
So the fungus spreads
Jealous sons see an honest human as the biggest threat
All they know is grimy mother fuckers and blunts wet
Or lines lined up on bubble ass woman many miles on the jet
So when a loyal person shows up confusion gets upset

Ain’t nobody fucking with my girl
If anybody fucked with mine, end of worlds
So why the hell would I come over and play dumb dress your girl in some pearls
Hug your kids whisper when daddy is away me and mom play Candyman Knockin’ Boots till we hurl
Smoke your stash and eat the roaches
Piss on your carpet and toaster don’t forget the wood table’s coasters
You think I’m down to the level of asshole bullshit boasters
Like if someone did it to me I wouldn’t react with closed fists
It’s hard to understand
But not everyone is trying to burn bridges in this simulated land
Momma taught me well
If you don’t like somebody pretend they don’t exist don’t mess with them no need for bail
Consider taking ’em back with apology and transformation
Then depending on the situation reinstated
But not the emotional big head dick syndrome
Show no mercy get no mercy light gone murdered over and over to your favorite happy song

Don’t disrespect my character
Don’t label me with the rest I’ll fucking stare at ya
Knowing you don’t contemplate on higher frequencies
Staying below the radar of greater cheddar cheese yeah money
Money opportunities without the Feds 3am peekaboo activities
But what I have found
Certain people like to keep running around in a round maze
Destroying interiors unable to understand times change
The richest people don’t have to brag and wear chains
If you do, do you, no flames
Just understand real killers don’t confess crimes and beef with billions to their names
Not in the same way Jealous sons do
Claiming I’m weaker because of the sight of incoming revenue
Liabilities are whom you bow to
You just give more of it slower till feds get proof
I’m not the one calling
Think you the shit till the government detects money walking away or even crawling
Away from the clutches
Jealous sons can’t make it to the end in the clutch emotional fuck ups

High school is over
Fuck the young bastards screaming I’m too old, yall too under
Dead from the start
Talking about what you have but I have not
Perhaps I’ll switch to rock
Alternative because the nonsense in what love is just too hot
I’m trying to dance like one of my heroes did in Juicy
And people who don’t give a shit about my dreams doesn’t affect my sleep
So I shoulder lean
Thinking, thinking shouldn’t be wack ass to scenes
How are we going stop getting shot if we don’t think, they have weapons of mass destruction supreme
Gladly drop a nuke on your head the twisted fiends
Keeping it real is cool but real stupid isn’t the theme
Fuck, who told you the logic to be better for you was a pipe dream being so mean
You don’t have to outgun mother fuckers when your presence alone causes dark spirits to evaporate like a smoke screen
The mastermind enemy fucks up life for you even in death
Jealous sons that overreact get corrected until nothing over generations is left
Cursed beyond the Outer Limits or Twilight Zones
In places where their emotions are the bars they’ll come home
Arrive to find dark shit they do a personal loan
Jealous sons the first one to cast and then get a boomerang on the stone
When they pass away glorious progress returns no cities under watch by eyes Evil owns
Fuck trying to sit with you people like it really matters
No awards necessary if they come great if not no hopes shattered
I’m not being an asshole I’ve just detected a familiar pattern
Jealous people talk the loudest when they have just done the foulest shit
And someone has to take the blame when people detect they lame showers of shame
Pass it on make yourself feel superior
Like the ocean isn’t big enough
Surface dweller go underneath deep enough deep fish steer to stay clear of ya
Or understand the greatest enemy you will always have lives in the mirror clear it up.


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