Stay Tuned To Your News Station / Ratings! Oops!

Bitch we tell you whatever makes you mad.
Or whatever makes you want to throw up.
I mean informing you is the goal…
Number one local programming…
Voted by people you never see…
We control you.
All we have to do.
Is piss you off.
Throw some garbage on you…

Facts don’t make us look good.
We wouldn’t get paid by you know who.
So we base and add a little pinch.
Of Red Herring baby it’s a hit!

How do you feel about this or that?
We won’t bother you with checking the facts.
Why would you want to ever know the truth?
If you did you wouldn’t stay tuned.
You wouldn’t need us.



No brains please.

How do you live in place built on lies?
They hide it so well you’ll kill if it feels right.
Emotions without logic lead to tragedy.
You can reverse it and you still don’t have the keys.
But what if I just controlled your raw instincts?
Tell you to buy shit minute five to fifteen.
Charge you for it baby isn’t it the best you’ve ever seen?

Fuck the truth it doesn’t sell, well.
You wanted the truth.
People want to hear what makes them feel right.
Wrong or right.

The people want lights.
Not real fucking life.
So damn bland.
Sell em whatever you can.
Eliminate reading.
So only we can teach them.
Make it so much.
People could stay potentially stuck in muck.
But these ratings are so high…
So what if some have to die, that will sell too, baby.

You’re next…


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