Veggie Meal

I just wanted help

A partner, a friend

Lover now and then

Long term like forever


Another rejection


I don’t think I belong with anyone

I’m changing fast and rising like the sun

Thinking  about my years as they wind down

Wrapped in possibilities that no one wants to know


So I’ll walk by myself…

Walk alone through these times…

Walk and reflect…

Keep to myself when I’m…

Seeking, peace.

Waiting to believe

In myself and no one else

Independent no disconnect

Open to travel where I will rest

Giving my best


Telling my request goodbye

No need to look in her eyes now

I’m clear now

I’m just passing through

Passing through to somewhere else

I’m not mad or upset

Every desire must be left if it doesn’t want to come along

In words poems and psalms

Charmed, I’m sure

But you’re not strong enough to handle the raw thoughts and visions

Stuck back in fear and decisions, go

I’ll walk alone from here


I’ll walk by myself like those nights under street lights

Going home to have a good night

Innocent and free from care

Why couldn’t I stay there

Chasing after anyone is not for me

If you can’t see what I have now you’ll never be able to see

I change and situations change but you are waiting for perfection and perfection isn’t me

Oh not the timing again love doesn’t exist in such boundaries

Between two adults meant to be


Just a walk but I know you rather go home

So I’ll walk the rest I wish you would come along

You keep on making your choices as I will make mine

Keep making your choices just like, I will make mine.


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