Erase That Last Crush

Birds outside

Window open

I dream of you but I don’t

That’s what I say

Swept and played

You disappear under all the excuses


You find it easier to look away

Than look me in the eyes and say you can’t stay


I wondered why the silence

Several hours void of your embrace

We don’t talk about going out anymore

Mountains were waiting to see our joy

And I feared the moment when you would decide I wasn’t worth it and it came

So ashamed that I couldn’t be good enough and here I am

Still thinking about you as if I there will be another chance but I am not

That’s what tell you


Because you find it easier to look away from me.

Not good enough to see you fall asleep.


And I think I should just promise to be

Somewhere far away from you but then I

Think about the way you laugh

All the fun that we have had and I want you to stay

But I must abandon the thoughts of maybe

Just forget you are all I want beside me

Forget it

Forget it.



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