Vase Of Decay

You and I are chasing the same interactions behind closed doors.

We need more, more physical releases.

No one seems to comprehend our drives and so we are looking.

Back alleys and shady shades.

We’ve yelled and talked about it with those who loves us, but they just don’t see the point.

We are made for more than just words and everyone we know is horny.

No one satisfied at home anymore.

We lay in bed trying to get our minds off of desires, tortured

Dying and looking out of windows trying to pretend we are satisfied.

Shame comes.

Messages we share to calm down passion’s calls.

Is everyone disatisfied and alone day and night.

Even with a spouse or lover in sight.


Toys and hands don’t work so well.

I need human interaction.

No one knows who the fuck we are so we wilt under stars.

Trying to be correct.

While hiding nipples and other body parts erect.


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