Unverified Target

You can call but you won’t
You can message me but you won’t
You say I should talk to you but I’m done
I’m not chasing you and I’m moving forward
Like I never came to you with my heart

I would usually be the one to interact
Days went by and no hello
I embarrassed myself
Shouldn’t have let you see that side of me

Now I know
Keep walking don’t stop for anyone with potential anymore

But I’m not depressed or mad it goes this way
People were trying to tell me but I was lost in her face
And her mind but now it’s been totally replaced
With silence

It’s not what I want but right now I can’t be there
Until I recover from the moments I swear we were near to love
Or at least I was
It’s over now

No more dreams of holding her.
No more nights of intimate whispers.
My castle,  drawbridge raised again.

Don’t chase, don’t let them know how far you will go
Don’t risk everything you have for shadows.

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