Levels Of Lies

Floors of lies underneath.
Levels Shit Creek deep.
Distractions from everyone you trust.
Lying and murder under love,  oh.
Sick and violent all the mysteries sealed.
Truly a maze of deception X-Files fans would cheer,  eyes peeled.
The conspiracy theories red herrings and real.

The sounds of news distorted live.
Focus on emotions and report what ratings like.
Everything is a business even keeping the poor in check.
Even the poor blame the poor claiming reduced whip welps.
Such as shame baby like Marvin Gaye said.
Education cut and art left out so kids fled.

Flags and books ain’t paying my bills.
Terrorist aren’t attacking but these bills are straight hood.
More ruthless than a murderer they all come together and onslaught me.
Every time I see daylight someone wants me to keep my eyes closed, hey.
Peacemakers pioneer knowing full well the ending is dramatic.
But changing the world requires sacrifice, and sugar some of us are more than you’ve imagined.
Fighting through the negative energy with passion in regards to humanity wanting all to see.

Floors of lies.
Lie and lie deep.
Why do they lie to us?
Then get mad when we figure it out?
Trying to drive us crazy.

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