Upwards Up

Spirit guide
Or whoever is down to ride
Let me surpass my eyes
I want to see the reality I fight

These moods change
People don’t tell me anything
They disappear
I disappear
We no longer exist

Taking it back…
Every word we’ve said
And I’m tired of guessing the way
Help me to see past these faces
Into the real
Into honesty

If I hurt you love
Don’t just turn away
Let me apologize
Please let me in

Don’t disappear
Like I never saw the light
Universe am I clear
I’m trying to get from the bottom
Trying to pay my bills
Trying to find a solution
To the world’s most troubling ills

I already know
I’m just a man
Mistakes come
Learn and become a better man
I’m failing as much as I succed…
But eventually after the lessons I’ll earn a C…
Then a B and oh so higher
I can’t rest until I’m close to master

Don’t you quit working
I have work to do

May my words and wisdom become potent
Past what I’ve ever dreamed in my moments
Remind me to be as humble as a child
Protected from the vile
As I fight this rain as your pioneer.


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