Passion Returned

I thought we were the same breath.
I ended my search but you didn’t.
So why should I wait alone for you.
I’d message you but you go days.
Taking my affection and throwing it away.

I don’t see the same things as you
And you are not the one I love anymore.
You were.
You were everything.
But now I know.
To let you go.
No more I hope you’re thinking of me.

Just like that I’m gone.
Don’t complain you wanted it.
Silent treatments paved the way.
Now I’m tired of you.
I asked for your hand but you don’t want me to touch.
I chose you out of everyone
But I was mistaken you don’t see the sky like I do.
You don’t see the tears I’ve shed for you.
Just like that I’m sorry I said your name.

When will I learn?
When will I turn my back on everyone?

I thought we were inside.
I thought we were by each other’s side.

When will I learn?
My passion is never returned.

Written by Nofaithpoet


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