Tropical Winds Speed

Am I wasting my nights
Thinking you like
My type and appetite

Starring at the moon
Feeling defeated doomed
Wondering if you’ll come around

I stay quiet and still
Wondering how it feels
To be accepted

Resurrected from my death
Beside you until breath has left
My lungs

And I wonder deeply and honestly
If she even would give herself to me
So I can gladly and respectfully do the same release

Before bodies meet
Logic and drinks my sweet
Discussions and debates after news


But I
I know I could be wrong
So I keep my head straight strong
Don’t anticipate
Any confessions of love just in case I hear

I’m starting from the sewers underneath
To acres for me and the world to share
So I understand if you want to disappear
Why fall in love with a choose your own adventure man
I could fail
Be destroyed
Swept away

All I can do is beg stay.


I write for me
Sometimes about you
Overthinking King
Ruler of incorrect mind reading
Sometimes I’m off
But with you I’m lost
Still I know
Time can appear to be slow
Yet how can you really be unsure
I’m open here
Read me and ask anything you want to know and I will respond
Place gentleness on
My speech

How can it be
Just an illusion
A pretend solution
I don’t buy it
Something is here
Not some coincidence
Is that the part you fear
I’m crystal clear
Love for you will not dissappear.

Written by Nofaithpoet


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