Pioneer Alone

Once again
I go somewhere else

Far away
From all the madness, and the sadness,
I’m feeling right where I can see
Bright lights to my destination where I outta be

No crystal balls
Just every step right now

The problem is always choice
Reasons ignored surfaces golden
No mercy until our turn to be broken
All these choices, before us

Excuses for days and nights
Feeling bitter but unwilling to set things right
Burning in a lake of negatives
Unwilling to let each other live

I’m feeling cold outside
More and more these days
Even in Summer
The ice refuses to fade away, fade

From the beginning told I was nothing
To hearing future lines outside zones of comfort
To focusing on only the negative possibilities, doing time
To looking at the other side of misery
The glory and the sincere smiles at the end of a legacy
A legacy day by day
One spark and the transportation awaits

I’m feeling right where I can see
Possibilities in front of me
Instead of dragging self hate around
Why not stand up speaking loud
Separating ourselves from ignorance
Checking introspection dedication motivations without hesitation

Avoiding these complications from uneducated statements
Checking what we hear against the truth and the unknown

To be a pioneer is to be alone.

Written by Nofaithpoet


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