Garbage Post 8701

Your story deserves to be told.


Eating eggs and rice trying to wait till payday in South Carolina Palmetto where they almost locked me upstate

Mental institution cause they couldn’t find a resolution anger and depression shooting poverty prostitution

Slave mentality beatings yeah brutality video games weren’t the ones whipping the cries out of me so the lies started piling and I became an island

Surrounded by my shame for feeling insane wondering why people play games hurting one another daily

Basics of human life to wonder where your foes are hiding their knives put rat poison inside the pipe surprise

All to earn dust and we never know the day we’ll meet the end but people love hating other people to the very end

I put fifteen in and people try to pretend I didn’t have the heart to blend but they bend over throwing up sick as fuck

Always writing my peace but they mock writing the same things and I’m not offended because of comments of cardboard cutouts

Intelligence they want muted so only feelings

Written by Nofaithpoet


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