Covering Base

Your hands and kisses went missing, do you care?
I wasn’t at all prepared.
I thought your love would burn hot like mine.
Instead I find myself with millions crying, sighs.

So someone sweet,
Will experience my peace,
Will experience my deep eyes,
While I wrap myself inside of her.

Saying I love you is sweet and butterflies.
However I need assurance located called thighs.
Opening your legs for my tongue to find,
Everything you want to feel let me drive. Such a pretty tasty way,
It’s more than just orgasms okay?
Inside I FEEL alive and safe,
Protected and great, brand new.

Thrust after thrust my heart reconstructs.
Moan after moan I’m wanting to instruct, you.
To say my name when your walls contract.

So someone sweet, and kind,
Intelligent and can see my shine,
Will taste my love and become loved.
Will become in love,
We’ll have sweat down our faces,
Inside and outside cum races,
Reading and writing coauthor status.

I will, be alive, I
I will be more than she ever dreamed.

All she has do is ask.
I’ll change the future,
I’ll delete the past…

Written by Nofaithpoet


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