Logic Weights

Logic holds her heart captive
And I just want her to dance on impulse
One time every now and then

I can tell
You won’t feel
The same sun as I

The same way I try I,

Get confused around you
Because everything is locked inside
You have so many defences and I’m not sure
I’m prepared for war just to see if you care

I can tell
You won’t quit
Until I surrender
But my castle was damaged
So what will you be queen of after you’re finished damming me

I want to be yours
I really do
But I don’t think you
You see me inside your dreams
You joke like this is a damn game
I’m ready to go
You’re not sure what I stand for
You say you don’t know
Who knows but sometimes it doesn’t matter at all

But logic ties you

Your feelings rust

What else can I do
What more can I show you
What do you want to see
What can I do for you to love me
Or let me go
I can’t stay if you say no

We wait until too late.
We wait until too late.
We yell be alive but wait.
We yell live on the edge but we wait.
Until too late.
We scream tell us how you feel then we escape

Logic locks feelings in a cage
I guess it’s safe compared to me
I know my intentions but you don’t want them anyway
If you loved like me you would trust me
But you don’t and I already know
I’m in clouds but you stay on the ground
I have places to be but you won’t come round
I don’t think you will ever be able to touch my hand and feel safe.

Written by Nofaithpoet


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