Brightest Days Alive

I didn’t think you would be vacant
Giving me a reason to quit
Life is something I don’t know but I know death
Begging you to take me but you look left
Away because I’m not enough
I’m not enough to make you happy
My feelings fooled me yeah they trapped me
Should have seen the fields in your eyes
You don’t want to stay
But you tell me do to save my feelings so cruel

Just tell me I’m not good enough
To feel you inside and feel so much
Of you I
Rather walk into the sea
Then see your face after you leave

I’m sensitive and she doesn’t care
Saying she respects me but I’m feared
Time is against me but I’m near
Climbing out of my grave to live
Why can’t it be with you I’m not fit

To see
Your smile in the morning
I know it I know it lady I’m hurt
My dreams of you have broken away
You can tell I’m tired and scared because my conversation changes
And I just want to sleep one night safe
From the thoughts you hide

I’m not good enough to wait
I’m not good enough to make
A dive in faith baby you don’t want to risk
Everything you have for me and possible bliss
I’m scared to tell you I can’t wait
Forever and you get angry when I say it
Our time is scattered throughout our pain
I can’t gather the pieces my hands bleed
All over my efforts screams
Mean nothing here

The walk we take in separate directions
Extracts from the bottom of my tears
You are my dream and my fear
Walking away

Walking away
November words to say
I’m a shadow now
Ignored in your brightest days alive.

Written by Nofaithpoet


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